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    Operational details

  1. Rhine
  2. Vessel 85x8.2m - 1260t
  3. Operational costs & hours
  4. Greening options

  5. Propeller Upgrade , LNG DF 80-20
  6. Refine costs
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Operational details

Based on your sailing region & vessel details we have default values for the operational details such as costs. You can fine-tune individual values to narrow down the most suitable greening options for your situation or continue with these values.

Yearly costs

Operational costs

Please enter your operational costs per year in Euros.

Euro per year

Fuel costs

Fill in your average fuel costs in the current situation.

Euro per year

If you wish to use other values that better reflect your situation, please overwrite default values by your own values.
Not sure what your costs are exactly? Use the cost calculator to fine tune the results.

Cost calculator

Operational hours


Average operational hrs per day

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Engine details


The total engine power of your vessel

in kW

Engine power of main engine

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The number of engines your vessel has in operation

Total engines

Emissions profile

Based on your previously chosen year of construction the following default emission profile has been preselected.

CO2 (kg per year)

NOx (g/kWh)

PM (g/kWh)

Choose from a variety of suitable greening options